The Real Cost of Cheap Driving Lessons

Cheap driving lessons? Prices of lessons vary considerably. The length of lesson (the length of lesson can vary between 45 minutes and a full hour) where you live is also relevant.

It’s unlikely you can get lessons for less than £20, and some schools charge up to £28. Please remember, the cheapest may not be the best.

It’s worth asking – if a Driving School has cheaper than the cost of an average driving lesson, ask yourself why are they so cheap?

  1. They could be using you for training their instructors.
  2. Question their ability for teaching. If they are charging below average fees then is the tuition will be below average, what corners are they cutting to make ends meet are they sitting by the side of the road wasting time and saving fuel?
  3. Any driving instructor worth their salt should really be generating recommendations. If not then question their ability.

In Cambridgeshire for example expect to pay about £26 for a good quality, full hour’s driving tuition. £26 for an hour is in fact very cheap when you consider the Instructor’s overheads.

The Driving Instructors Association calculates that to earn the national average wage an Instructor should be charging £32+. So comparing the cost per hour to other professions you would be getting a great deal. For Driving Lessons in Cambridge & surrounding towns, choose an Instructor in your area.

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