“Why would we want our clients to take risk assessment and driver training? The more accidents that people have the more money we make. We make more money on the lease hire returns than we do on lease hire fees”

These are off the record comments by a prominent member of a leasing company when approached if he wanted to provide training to his lease clients. Isn’t this one great reason for getting your driving staff assessed.

How would Cambridge Driver Training benefit your business?

Under government legislation, companies have a Duty of Care towards employees when driving at Work. Having an effective road risk management system in place protects you and your business from prosecution. Let us take the responsibility instead of YOU!

Cambridge Driver Training have a vast history in driver training in the military, police and learner industries.
All our Trainers are Fleet qualified and are on the government’s fleet training register. We provide risk assessments and driver training to all companies that employ drivers including ‘grey fleet’. At present due to our work load we can only deal with locations within the Cambridgeshire area.

In addition, training your drivers brings other significant economic advantages, including:

  • What does a reduced fuel costs by up to 20% mean in financial terms to your company?
  • What would reduced vehicle running costs due to less wear and tear mean to you?
  • How much money can you save with increased productivity due and fewer accidents?
  • Reduced bent metal repair costs/hire vehicle costs thanks to less collisions.
  • Reduce your insurance premium with an improved safety record.
  • Reduce fatigue and stress in your drivers and enhance productivity and morale.
  • Promotes a positive company image through well-driven branded vehicles.

Fleet Training Programmes Tailored to Requirements

Cambridge Driver Training does not sell off-the-shelf training courses or ‘pseudo’ computer generated assessments. Unlike other providers, all our driver training programmes are tailored to the individual driver. They are built on the results of work related, road risk assessment and management. We firmly believe that only this approach results in overall risk reduction in your fleet.

Fleet Driver training is not about teaching someone to drive. Anyone who has a licence can already do that. It is about identifying areas of an individual’s driving that are likely to cause a significant risk to themselves or others. Training is then offered to reduce the risk.