Fleet Training Programmes Tailored to Requirements

OnlyFleet does not sell off-the-shelf training courses. Unlike other providers, all OnlyFleet’s driver training programmes are tailored to the individual driver, the work related road risk assessment. We firmly believe that only this approach results in overall risk reduction for your fleet.

The process

1. High risk drivers are identified from the results of a Risk Assessment Analysis, together with their risk factors.
2. Only Fleet can recommend organisational changes that will reduce the overall risk for these drivers.
3. Only Fleet offers a training programme for individual drivers.
4. In our experience in-vehicle training is the best and most efficient way for minimising risk and improving driver safety. Therefore, our training courses are in-vehicle only.
6. Training outcomes are recorded in the risk assessment to give an updated risk profile for the drivers involved. Full records are provided and kept by Only Fleet.

Training Programmes

Training can be arranged for all classes of vehicle. The training programmes recommended for individual drivers with only in-vehicle training. Our trainers are fleet qualified and have considerable experience in the driver training industry they are also specialised in advanced and defensive driving techniques. All are registered as fleet driver trainers with the Driving Standards Agency.

In-vehicle training:

  • Defensive driver training
  • Risk Assessments
  • Driving for economy
  • In-country familiarisation (for drivers moving to the UK from a different country)