How to Drive on Ice and Snow

The basic rules in the video clip apply now as they did then. With the weather changing for the worst and the snow causing disruption on the roads. The residents of Cambridgeshire would think that all drivers would be prepared and go into winter driving mode as soon as snowflakes begin to fall from the […]

Why is Defensive Driving So Important?

As we enter into this topic, take a moment to think about a situation where you noticed another vehicle driving very poorly. Maybe they were swerving, speeding, or doing something as simple as not using their indicators. Now think about how you reacted, or how you would want to react if you were driving near […]

The Dangers of Distracted Driving

Wow! Look at that bird perched in the tree! Not while you are driving you don’t. It is inevitable things will catch you eye while behind the wheel, but paying too much attention to anything not related to driving can not only be dangerous, it can be deadly. A vast majority of vehicular accidents occur […]

How to get a Short Notice Driving Test

Getting a short notice test is achieved by making use of existing previously booked driving test cancellations appointments. For example, if a test candidate is not ready for or unable to take their driving test they may cancel it and rebook a later appointment. Every day there are thousands of these cancellations being made available. […]

Driving Test Data Shows a Big Decline in Collisions Over Past 5 Years

Research by Intelligent Car Leasing reveals that driving tests are showing an overall decline in collisions with other vehicles over the past 5 years. Intelligent Car Leasing gathered data on the number of collisions with other vehicles and pedestrians in driving tests over the past 5 years (and first quarter of 2014). This ranged across […]

Faster is Safer?

A two-year experiment by the Danish Road Directorate shows accidents have fallen on single carriageway rural roads where the speed limit was raised. Accidents have also fallen on motorways where the speed limit has been increased. Since the speed limit on some streatches of two-way rural roads was increased from 80 to 90 km/h (50 […]

How to Choose a Great Driving Instructor or Driving School

Google driving schools and you will get over 600k results. So how are you going to whittle through these and make a decision that may involve your future. You will obviously narrow this down for the area in which you live. So if you Google ‘driving school Cambridge’ or ‘driving instructor Cambridge’ you can stick […]

10 Tip After You’ve Passed Your Driving Test

Congratulations, you’ve passed your driving test! Now all those nerve wracking moments are behind you, you’re free to drive a car unaccompanied from now on, but it’s important to take everything you’ve learned with you as you go. Here are the top ten tips for when you’ve passed your driving test. 1. You must exchange […]