Price of parking fees rise by 51% in the UK

A real study has shown that UK local authorities have increased the cost of resident parking your automobile by an average of 51% since 2012. The study also shows  that more than half of local authorities contain expanded the number of parking zones what kind require payment in the past two years. The car insurance […]

Almost two-thirds of women admit that they pay more for car repairs

    The latest survey has revealed that almost two-thirds (62%) of women believe that they’re offered too much for car repairs since they’re female. The analysis, commissioned by mobile tyre fitted specialist TyresOnTheDrive. com, showed that may 62% of woman agreed myself they visited a garage they knew been excessively quoted for maintenance tasks […]

DVLA reveal digital licence prototype

Holding a driving license take a permanent home inside wallet could be a thing of the further than soon, as it has been revealed that usually the DVLA are working on a digital freedom for smartphones.   Oliver Morley, the chief executive at DVLA, popularized Twitter to share an image of the particular digital licence […]

Unnecessary road signs to go in bid to save Britain money

As a way to make Britain’s streets more easy on the eye, councils have been given the power to remove any road signs that they deem to be unnecessary, which could include signs indicating cycle lanes or warning of permit-parking zones. Repeater speed limit signs could also be axed in a new scheme that could […]

Car buyers urged to make safety the priority

A high-profile campaign, known as #StopTheCrash, has been launched with the aim of promoting autonomous in-car safety features to further help prevent any incidents on the road. Car buyers are being urged to put safety over style when purchasing their new car, as the campaign launched at the London Motor Show on yesterday. Drivers are […]

How to Handle Tailgaters on the Road

One of my pet hates on the roads and significantly the most common is tailgating. Tailgating for the uninitiated is following too close to the vehicle in front. It’s among the most risky on-road habits, for both the tailgatee, the tailgater. Often in my experience the tailgater is blissfully unaware of the seriousness of his or […]

Learner drivers could get money back on their driving test

Learner drivers could get money back from their driving test fees if they pass first time. The Department for Transport (DfT) is considering the proposal in a bid to encourage learners to only take the test when they are ready and confident of passing. It is hoped this will mean new drivers are less likely […]