Not only do traffic accidents cost money and time and the cost in lives is immeasurable. Road accidents can cost companies thousands and thousands of pounds each year with repair costs, insurance premiums and production downtime. Only Fleet can help!

We take the responsibility of accidents away from you and provide a cost solution that could save your company thousands. The aim is to assess the risks involved in all your company’s driving activities to maximise opportunities and minimise the adverse effects.

All employers have a duty of care to risk assess their workplace for the safety of their workers in general and drivers in particular. Only Fleet are able to provide a solution whether you are looking to do this in a vehicle or even in a classroom.

Downtime through accidents, excessive fuel, repair and maintenance costs are all responsible for affecting the bottom line. We provide the training to help with minimising losses by providing your drivers with an improved safety record, so less downtime through crashes, more vehicle sympathy reducing repair and maintenance and improving fuel efficiency and safety in general.

Other checks are also taken into consideration, for example licence verification which enables you to ensure that your drivers are legal and have entitlement to drive on the company’s behalf. A report on every driver assessed will be made and help you fulfil your legal duty of care to risk-assess your drivers. A cost effective solution which minimises the amount of employee downtime. Don’t neglect ‘grey fleet’ training and risk assessment needs – we will ensure all your drivers are assessed and recorded and will highlight the need for any further training.

On-road Risk Assessment and Training combination is a thorough, forward thinking take on the traditional risk assessment model. Combining a one-to-one in-vehicle assessment with relevant training. This is suitable for all drivers, including those deemed to be ‘high risk’, as well as new drivers wishing to assess their skills, or anyone wishing to re-assess competence following an incident.

Following the Risk Assessment and Training, the driver will be competent in areas such as fault recognition and how to deal with them. Contact us for more

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