The basic rules in the video clip apply now as they did then.

With the weather changing for the worst and the snow causing disruption on the roads. The residents of Cambridgeshire would think that all drivers would be prepared and go into winter driving mode as soon as snowflakes begin to fall from the sky.
The same happens every year! Drivers across the province seemingly forget how to drive in the snow; as a result, we see large volumes of accidents.
To avoid becoming one of the statistics please, take the following winter driving tips into account and jog your memory about how to drive.

  1. Slow down: One of the biggest mistakes that people make is driving too fast on snow covered roads. Slow down and drive according the road conditions.
  2. Extra time: The odds are it will take a few extra minutes for you to get to your destination. Take this into consideration and leave a few minutes earlier than normal.
  3. Clean your car: Too many people leave ice and snow on their car and windscreen that restricts their visibility on the road. This can cause a number of issues such as not seeing other cars and pedestrians. Switch your lights on, not only to see but to be seen. Far too many people are not cleaning their lights of snow. It would help for other motorists to notice you, to know when you are breaking and to see where you are indicating.
  4. Stay home: If the roads are in bad condition, stay home if you can avoid travelling.

The snow means it is time to adjust our driving habits. Slow down, be more cautious, and don’t go out into the bad weather if you don’t have to.

All you need is some common sense. The secret of safe driving is TIME (did I say that out loud?). Giving yourself time to react, time to slow down, time to stop, time to keep safe control of your vehicle.

There is only one way to give yourself time….and that’s reducing your speed! I don’t mean driving like a 90 year old grandmother. I mean driving at a speed which is appropriate for the road and the conditions.

Moving off on ice & snow requires a higher gear and slow acceleration. When you slow down let the car lose its momentum by coming off the accelerator early, brake early and progressively.

Safe driving!

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