Google driving schools and you will get over 600k results. So how are you going to whittle through these and make a decision that may involve your future. You will obviously narrow this down for the area in which you live. So if you Google ‘driving school Cambridge’ or ‘driving instructor Cambridge’ you can stick to the first page. Proper reviews are quite useful, either on the website or Google or Facebook. If you get to calling you’d probably be better off going by the feel and the manner of the conversation rather than believing the statistics that you’re told.

Are the driving instructors fully qualified?

Some driving schools use trainee driving instructors. This means that they are still undergoing training to become a driving instructor. A trainee instructor will display a pink licence in the windscreen and a fully qualified driving instructor will display a green licence. A trainee instructor will not have completed a required amount of the training necessary or gained enough experience to instruct to a high standard. This will naturally take you longer to learn. The driving instructors at Driveaway School of Motoring are established, highly qualified with the majority having taken advanced and fleet driver training and risk assessment qualifications. We do not use trainees.

How much experience has a driving instructor?

A driving instructor with many years experience will have developed many hints and tips they have gained over the years to pass onto you and have a detailed knowledge of the test routes which will further aid you on your driving test.

Will you have same instructor for all your lessons?

Have the same instructor throughout the duration of your driving is important but as we are the largest local driving school in East Anglia and the only Co-operative driving school in the United Kingdom there is always backup if it’s needed.

Patient, friendly & Professional Driving Instructors

Not all teachers can teach. Our highly qualified driving instructors have been specially chosen, not only by their qualifications but also their experience and reputation. As a local driving school, reputation is really important to us. We cannot survive without the reputation we’ve built up over many years. The vast majority of our students are recommendations.

The cars we provide for tuition

We always use current, high spec, dual controlled, fully insured and maintained vehicles. Thinking of your safety always.

Picked up from Home, College or Work

Finding a driving school that will pick you up from your chosen location will make things a lot easier for you. Our instructors will endeavour to pick you up from a convenient location at no extra cost. We will also drop you off at an alternative location if required.

Driving Lessons in the evening or at weekends

Everybody had commitments of some form or another. Finding an instructor or driving school that can fit around your schedule is important. Driveaway School of Motoring provide lessons from early in the morning up to 8pm into the evening. Weekend lessons are also provided at the same price as weekday lessons.

Cost of Driving lessons

Is it worth shopping around for good lesson prices? The cheapest isn’t the best. If the average price for a driving lesson is £30-£35. If an instructor or school is offering lessons for less then you need to ask yourself why. There may be several reasons for this, either they’re not good enough so pupils are not referring them or they are relatively new to the industry in which case they haven’t had time to hone their skills. A good driving instructor or school will have a consistently high amount of work coming in. A considerable amount of this will be from referrals from previous students. Therefore, there will be no need for this school to charge excessively low prices. In the Cambridge area price per hour range from around £30.00 to £35.00. Our price currently per hour for driving lessons is £32.00 although purchasing blocks of lessons in 10’s or 20’s will be a little cheaper.

What is the test pass rate

This may be difficult to determine. Every time a driving instructor takes a candidate for their driving test the test result is recorded against their ADI number. The Driving Instructor can request an annual report from the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) showing their test results and pass rate. So if you want proof then you can ask to see these if he has them. Driveaway School of Motoring’s high pass rate is maintained by providing a structured learning system. The system is approved by the DVSA. It’s easy to understand and key skills easily learnt. Combine this with friendly and patient instructors that provide confidence and a relaxed environment to their students is what enables most of our students to pass first time.

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