Learner drivers could get money back on their driving test

Learner drivers could get money back from their driving test fees if they pass first time. The Department for Transport (DfT) is considering the proposal in a bid to encourage learners to only take the test when they are ready and confident of passing. It is hoped this will mean new drivers are less likely […]

Driving at night with no street lights

Driving after dark where there are no street lights may be dangerous with little experience. Your concentration at night is decreased not only because you are fatigued from the days events, but also an absence of light, making it difficult to see and prevent possible hazards or other drivers. But driving after dark is no scarier […]

Road Rage And Avoid Annoying Other Drivers

Do you normally become a target for road rage or frustration? Are you a target of tailgating, horn-honking and flashing highlights? If you become a target often you have to consider if it’s you causing the problem or are you oblivious to your actions and just blame others. The important thing to keep in mind when […]

How to Drive on Ice & Snow

The basic rules in the video clip apply now as they did then. With the weather changing for the worst and the snow causing disruption on the roads. The residents of Cambridgeshire would think that all drivers would be prepared and go into winter driving mode as soon as snowflakes begin to fall from the […]

Defensive Driving | Why it’s so Important

As we enter into this topic, take a moment to think about a situation where you noticed another vehicle driving very poorly. Maybe they were swerving, speeding, or doing something as simple as not using their indicators. Now think about how you reacted, or how you would want to react if you were driving near […]

Dangers of Distracted Driving

Wow! Look at that bird perched in the tree! Not while you are driving you don’t. It is inevitable things will catch your eye while behind the wheel, but paying too much attention to anything not related to driving can not only be dangerous, it can be deadly. A vast majority of vehicular accidents occur […]