Are men or women better learner drivers?

Does gender affect how quickly you learn to drive? Admiral insurance reveals the winner in the battle of the sexes Source: Are men or women better learner drivers?

Intensive Courses are they Good or Bad?

I have always said that intensive driving courses are not the best way to learn to drive for anybody. Even The Association of British Insurers have looked at their accident statistics and have called for a ban on intensive driving courses. Within the proposal to introduce a 12 month learning period is a ban on […]

New head restraint could reduce whiplash injuries

Engineers at Loughborough University release a head restraint and car seats system designed to reduce whiplash all the way through rear-end vehicle collisions. Whiplash injuries are particular traumas suffered from an on road collision and although relatively harmless, adware and spyware can take some time to heal, impacting on the activities of the sufferer. The […]

Study shows kids would rather be driven by Dad than Mum

Using recent survey it has been revealed that 52% of children prefer to be driven on Dad rather than Mum, despite Father’s more risk taking. The study by Ingenie, a driver insurance brand, shows one particular incredible amount of parents’ driving practices that their kids are absorbing with the very young age. The kind of […]

Google patents ‘sticky bonnet’ to help lessen impact of pedestrian accidents

Technology giant Google has patented the particular creation of a special bodywork covering, which would act like flypaper, in order to end pedestrians bouncing off cars within an event of an accident. Of course getting hit by a vehicle is a rather unpleasant experience, yet what makes it even nastier may be the impact of […]

Price of parking fees rise by 51% in the UK

A real study has shown that UK local authorities have increased the cost of resident parking your automobile by an average of 51% since 2012. The study also shows  that more than half of local authorities contain expanded the number of parking zones what kind require payment in the past two years. The car insurance […]

Autonomous cars to be insured under ordinary policies

Autonomous cars to make a regular presentation on UK roads after this was mentioned that they are to be insured placed under ordinary polices.   In order to keep the UK “at the lead of technology for new forms of transport” the plans form part of the spanking new Modern Transport Bill that include independent […]

Almost two-thirds of women admit that they pay more for car repairs

    The latest survey has revealed that almost two-thirds (62%) of women believe that they’re offered too much for car repairs since they’re female. The analysis, commissioned by mobile tyre fitted specialist TyresOnTheDrive. com, showed that may 62% of woman agreed myself they visited a garage they knew been excessively quoted for maintenance tasks […]