How to Choose a Great Driving Instructor | Driving School

Google driving schools and you will get over 600k results. So how are you going to whittle through these and make a decision that may involve your future. You will obviously narrow this down for the area in which you live. So if you Google ‘driving school Cambridge’ or ‘driving instructor Cambridge’ you can stick […]

How to Get the Cheapest Car Insurance

Initially it’s worth looking at Marmalade they do a fairly good insurance policy for young and/or inexperienced drivers. The advantage of Marmalade’s policy is that it runs side by side the existing policy holders insurance and doesn’t affect the existing policy holders insurance in the event of a claim. Definitely worth checking out You should […]

Are Intensive Driving Courses any Good?

Certainly they work for some people but for others an intensive driving course (or crash course) is too intense! It will depend very much on the individual. But remember it’s not a short cut. You still have to learn the same amount. I would suggest that to gain the best from learning that you allow […]

10 Tips After You’ve Passed

Congratulations, you’ve passed your driving test! Now all those nerve wracking moments are behind you, you’re free to drive a car unaccompanied from now on, but it’s important to take everything you’ve learned with you as you go. Here are the top ten tips for when you’ve passed your driving test. 1. You must exchange […]

Are the Rumours about Driving Examiners True

It has long been said that if you take your driving test on a Friday afternoon or at the end of the month, the chances are that you will fail. Do the examiners ‘manage’ their pass rates. Are these rumours true? In fact the truth is yes and no. Like every large organisation the Driving […]

Driving Licence Counterpart. Date Confirmed for Abolition

As part of the government’s Red Tape Challenge initiative to remove unnecessary burden, it’s now been confirmed by Ministers that from 8 June 2015, DVLA will no longer issue the paper counterpart to the photocard driving licence. This means from that date, existing paper counterparts will no longer be valid. They’re advising drivers to destroy […]

How Aquaplaning Happens

In wet weather, it’s essential that your car’s tyres have adequate tread depth. Without it, your safety on the road will be compromised and you may not be able to brake, accelerate or corner properly. Did you know that tyres with a good tread depth can typically clear enough water from the road to fill […]

Report Potholes, Lighting, Highway Faults and Road Closures in the County

Winter is coming and the roads are getting worse. There’s no point in complaining about the state of the the roads, street lighting that doesn’t work to yourself or your friends. You can do something about it by reporting it to your local authority. I have put links below for Cambridgeshire County Council but your […]

Mobile Phones and Driving Don’t Mix

We have all heard it a hundred times. Mobile phones and driving don’t mix. You don’t hear it so often because it’s a fascinating topic or because people just love to talk about it. You hear it because of how important it is. Using a mobile phone while driving is a matter of life and […]